Kraken Futures Ramps Up Russian Operations

As a critical player in crypto and blockchain development, Russia holds a vibrant and passionate trading community. Starting in 2020, Kraken Futures is committed to new growth in Russia, including:

  • New Russian representation 
  • Telegram community groups
  • In-person visits with interested clients and stakeholders 
  • New partnerships with local organizations that share missions and interests

Aleksey Bragin is now Kraken Futures’ Representative in Russia

We are proud to announce that Aleksey Bragin will be working with Kraken Futures in Russia. Aleksey has an extensive background in crypto, making him an ideal ambassador for Kraken in Russia.

  • In 2011, Aleksey founded ICBIT, the world’s first crypto derivatives exchange. At ICBIT, Aleksey invented the inverse futures contract, which is now the dominant futures contract in crypto. 
  • Aleksey also served as CTO at Safello, the leading crypto exchange in the Nordic region, from 2016-2018.

Join our Kraken Futures Russian language Telegram groups

In addition to our English language Telegram groups, we now have two dedicated Russian language Telegram groups:

These groups are the best place to get updates from Kraken Futures and ask questions about the platform.

In-person visits

Our London team has planned multiple trips to Moscow in 2020. Please join our Telegram groups and message an admin if you would like to schedule a meeting on our next trip.

New partnerships

We are actively seeking partnerships that will accelerate our entry into the Russian market and smooth the onboarding process for clients. For instance, we recently added our data to TradingView and have integrated with asset-management solution provider Caspian. We also have several new partnerships in the implementation phase that we will announce shortly.

We are always looking for more great partners in the trading community! Reach out to us in one of our Telegram groups if you operate any of the following:

  • Cryptocurrency futures trading bot
  • Liquidity aggregator 
  • OEMS (Order and Execution Management System)
  • Brokerage

We look forward to building our presence in Russia and supporting the Russian crypto futures community for years to come!

To get a primer on some of our leading features, including our revenue sharing program, trade engine, indices and more, click here.

Thank you for choosing Kraken, the trusted and secure digital asset exchange.

The Kraken Team