Kraken Is Now on Instagram

Need a place to direct friends and family just discovering crypto? 

Good news! Kraken is now live on Instagram. There, our expert team is making full use of the medium to dispense words of wisdom, product updates, educational resources and more.

In other words, we’re striving to adapt the same insight you get from our experts in our tweets, LinkedIn posts and webinars for those just starting their exploration of the future of money. 

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Why add us on Instagram? 

1. Timely Product Updates

For avid users, our Instagram account provides another way to stay in touch with timely updates across our product lines.

Whether it’s a new license in a key jurisdiction or an updated feature on your favorite Kraken app, our Instagram users will get the news in a succinct visual format.

2. Thoughtful Quotes

Words of wisdom may be hard to come by in cyberspace, but not on our Instagram. 

There, followers will find daily updates that aim to expand your thinking about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, shedding light on what makes them such a fascinating technology.

3. Updates from the Kraken

You may be thinking to yourself, I’ve heard a lot about this “Kraken,” but has anyone actually seen the Kraken? 

Well, worry no more. The Kraken has kindly agreed to come out of its undersea layer to showcase escapades from its daily life. You’ll be surprised at what the Kraken gets up to!

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