| Kraken Futures

Kraken Futures is a new way to trade

At Kraken, we are always working to bring you the most powerful trading tools and cutting edge products. Our recent acquisition of Crypto Facilities, now known as Kraken Futures, makes Kraken the first and only crypto exchange to offer both spot and futures trading.

Explore the many benefits of trading on Kraken Futures:

  • Trade with up to 50x leverage
  • Benefit in all market environments, bull and bear
  • Use the lightning-fast interface
  • Seamlessly move funds between Kraken Exchange and Kraken Futures

Over the last few weeks, thousands of new users have started to trade on Kraken Futures, making it one of the fastest growing trading platforms in crypto.

Join the users who have already driven over $1 Billion of trading volume!

We currently offer Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and Bitcoin futures on our platform.

Get started trading crypto futures today!