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What Is Bitcoin’s Intrinsic Value? Our New Kraken Intelligence Report Explores

What is the value of Bitcoin? It’s a question that’s been asked since the innovative asset first appeared on message boards, and it’s only persisted as its value and usage has grown. 

But while one definitive answer to this question remains elusive, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth exploring. In fact, examining this question in all of the many ways it can be answered can help savvy investors and traders clarify their own notions of value.

In a new report entitled “Bitcoin & Intrinsic Value,” Kraken Intelligence, our team of analysts, attempts to provide just this perspective, summarizing where believers and skeptics stand in the debate and analyzing how different definitions of value might be extended to bitcoin.

In the report, we examine the value of Bitcoin through all of its potential lenses, including: 

  • Stock and Bonds – Some of the most widely owned assets, stocks and bonds are considered valuable as they offer access to cash flow. But how does Bitcoin have value without its own stream of value? And what is a Bitcoin owner entitled to in a world where anyone can fork its open-source code? We explore these questions and more.
  • Intangible Assets – With other investing opportunities, one may benefit from asking, what makes this opportunity unique? In the case of Bitcoin, we explore how its inherent properties like computational security, immutability and censorship-resistance may help solve the question of what makes it valuable.
  • Commodities – Bitcoin may lay claim to a position as a digital gold, but what of its claim as a digital commodity? In this section, we’ll explore how Bitcoin’s utility as a commodity can make it valuable for a wide range of potential services where dollars are used today.
  • Uncorrelated Assets – There’s a good reason believers aspire for Bitcoin to fulfill this definition – uncorrelated assets can have a big impact on portfolios. Through this lens, we explore Bitcoin’s relationship with gold and the S&P 500 in order to assess its value. 

In our full report, we explore this question further, applying common valuation models from the world of real estate, collectibles and fiat currencies.