How Kraken manages client security

Proof is paramount to cybersecurity. At Kraken, proof of security essentially means “don’t trust but verify.” This mindset guarantees that the work associated with growing and improving on our exchange can continue unhindered while protecting you 24/7. Kraken invests heavily in our cybersecurity program to...

5 min read

Your Fingerprint Can Be Hacked For $5. Here’s How.

Fingerprint authentication is a convenient alternative to passwords and PIN codes. Who wants to spend time typing in a lengthy string of numbers, letters and characters when a simple tap will suffice? Unfortunately, that convenience comes at a cost. Because, unlike a regular password, you...

2 min read

Kraken Security Labs Identifies Vulnerabilities In Commonly Used Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin ATMs offer a convenient and friendly way for consumers to purchase cryptocurrencies. That ease of use can sometimes come at the expense of security. Kraken Security Labs has uncovered multiple hardware and software vulnerabilities in a commonly used cryptocurrency ATM: The General Bytes BATMtwo...

6 min read