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Get to Know Zcash: A Privacy Cryptocurrency with a Bitcoin-Like Monetary PolicyZ

By now, even beginner crypto traders know about Bitcoin’s halving and how it has proved to be a boon for smart investors in the past.

However, they may not realize other protocols utilize deflationary monetary mechanisms similar to Bitcoin’s. In fact, Zcash, which evolved from Bitcoin’s code and retained its monetary policy, is scheduled to have its first halving event later this year.

To help traders take a deeper look at Zcash before this trading event, our in-house research team, Kraken Intelligence, has released a brief yet comprehensive overview of Zcash (ZEC).

In just 10 pages, “SNARK-y ANONYMITY” lays out everything beginners need to know to master the basics of Zcash, including its:

  • Adoption and Use: Included is an analysis of how Zcash has grown since its launch by looking at the number of active nodes, network hash rate and Google search volumes.
  • Institutional Interest: Learn how the Zcash Foundation sponsors development of the network and has attracted partnerships with financial firms such as JP Morgan.
  • Origins and History: We present a timeline of Zcash’s major events, from the white paper published in 2014 through to the first Zcash halving, expected later this year.
  • Protocol and Technology: Get a breakdown of how Zcash provides users anonymity in transactions and why the “Trusted Setup” that makes it work remains controversial.