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Meet Monero: A Privacy Cryptocurrency Offering Real Anonymity Advances

While there remains a misconception cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin are anonymous, the truth is transactions on these networks can be – and often are – linked to real identities.

Understandably, some cryptocurrency users have come to desire stronger privacy guarantees, and this demand has led to the development of a new class of crypto assets.

Enter Monero. One of the oldest and most prominent privacy cryptocurrencies, its code uses novel cryptography to obscure the sender and recipient of a payment, as well as the value of their transactions, keeping user data safe from the prying eyes of watchful third parties.

Our latest report “Monero – Age of Anonymity” aims to give a broad overview that answers questions essential to understanding and valuing this asset, including its:

  • Cryptographic Advances: Get comprehensive explanations of Monero’s key features – including Ring Signatures and Stealth Addresses – and learn how these tools help keep XMR transactions private by default.
  • Origin and History: Read about Monero’s origins and easily get up to speed on its history with detailed timelines that clearly distill the project’s yearly progress.
  • Real-World Adoption: In clear charts and graphics, we trace the progression of the project’s key metrics, including network hashrate, blockchain growth, daily transaction count and global search interest.
  • Technology and Roadmap: Learn about Monero’s unique technical challenges and what its community of developers is doing to overcome these obstacles.

The report further serves as the perfect companion to our recent research note on Zcash, an alternative privacy cryptocurrency widely considered Monero’s top rival.