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‘The First Decade of the Revolution’: Kraken Releases Its 2019 Crypto-in-Review Report

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In 2019, the crypto industry overcame a bear market, delivered new innovative applications and saw the continued entrance of traditional financial and technology titans, with Facebook and its stablecoin project Libra, leading the way. 

However, it was not all clear skies. The regulatory landscape lacks clarity, institutional investors remain on the sidelines and the idea that products and services based on blockchains and cryptocurrencies will go mainstream remains more a promise than a reality.

So, if you’re new (or finally returning) to the fast-paced world of crypto to start 2020, Kraken Intelligence, our in-house research team, is offering its 2019 Crypto-in-Review annual report, which breaks down the year that was into four themes that shaped the industry. 

Our research note aims to give readers everything they need to look ahead to 2020 with a more comprehensive perspective, tackling questions including:

  • What is DeFi and how will it impact financial services? Learn about the nascent decentralized finance (DeFi) movement and the reasons for its impressive early growth.
  • When will institutional investors engage? We share an overview of how institutional investors believe this new asset class fits into their strategies. We also explain why many remain on the sidelines and share some key indicators and milestones that could lead to changes in 2020.
  • Will regulators release guidance and what might it be? We detail how governments around the world are struggling to standardize approaches to the industry. Special attention is devoted to the FATF travel rule and the global response to Facebook’s Libra.
  • Which financial giants could change the game? Companies like Visa, Fidelity and JP Morgan are all seeking to offer clients exposure to crypto. We also saw new fintech companies and challenger banks such as Square, Revolut, eToro expand crypto services. Learn how (and why) these newcomers could shape the market.