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How Kraken supports our clients

Terms like “client obsessed” and “client-centric” get thrown around a lot these days. At Kraken, these are more than just buzzwords.

Since launching over 11 years ago, the support experience of our clients has been a fundamental differentiator at Kraken. Client support led by crypto-passionate specialists from around the world has been, and will continue to be, a fundamental part of our mission.

Much like our industry-leading security and engineering practices, our focus on the client experience is not something we often boast about. Instead, it is something we are committed to continuously improve.

Between the Kraken Learn Center, Kraken Support, and our numerous crypto experts, we’ve made it easy for you to transition into the crypto ecosystem.

But don’t just take our word for it.

We’ve been lauded by client-obsessed organizations all over the world. Most recently, we earned first place in the “Customer Success” category at the European Customer Centricity Awards. We were also finalists in the “Best Customer Experience Team” and “Best Employee Experience” categories.

Let’s look at a few of the client experience standards that have helped us earn our reputation as the most supportive partner on your crypto journey.

The Kraken Support difference

At Kraken, our goal is to provide a safe, collaborative, and transparent experience for our clients. To deliver on this, we recognize the need to consistently place the best interests of our clients first. We use multiple tools to turn what is often perceived as an intimidating and frustrating crypto experience into something that anyone, anywhere, can understand.

Beyond our live chat, voice, and email support specialists, we embed ourselves where the discussions about the future of crypto are taking place. You will regularly see us answering clients’ questions across all the major social media platforms and providing answers that support their crypto journey.

When you do reach out to us directly, 90% of live chat messages receive a response within 30 seconds. This level of responsiveness has helped us earn a client satisfaction score of 93%.*

Crypto never sleeps. Neither do we.

When it comes to your financial freedom, there is never a day off. As you embark on that journey, no matter where you are in the world, you’ll want a Kraken crypto specialist by your side.

We have never been a company that expects the world to adapt to our way of doing business. Rather, we adapt to support you. Kraken Support hires specialists from around the world, ready to answer your country-specific questions. Our specialists speak more than 13 languages, so you can get the answers you need, when you need them, in the language you prefer.

Our Support team is available on the phone, 24/7. Why? Sure, we host hundreds of articles that answer potential questions about crypto. But, we understand that you might want someone else to explain the next step on your crypto journey.

Listening and learning from our clients

At Kraken, we understand that you rely on our products and services to empower your financial freedom. We appreciate your feedback and use it to improve Kraken. You can always tell us directly if you discover ways in which we could improve our tools and systems.

We prioritize the feedback you provide to our support team and champion it within Kraken to make improvements that you, our clients, expect. Whether you’re looking for new funding methods, cryptoassets, or advanced trading features, we’re always listening and we will implement your ideas wherever possible. When you tell us what you need, we try our best to listen and respond by implementing the in-demand features you want.

In this way, Kraken Support is far more than solely a “contact center” or client support team that answers your questions or guides you through a process. At Kraken, Support is a forward-looking tool for product development that plays a fundamental role in improving our client experience.

After all, if you have a question about a process or an idea about a new functionality, there are millions of others that would benefit from this as well.

No finish line on the journey to financial freedom

In our pursuit to offer the best products and services that connect all parts of the crypto ecosystem, there is no final destination. This is why we strive to continuously evolve, adapting to our clients’ needs and finding more ways to hear and implement your feedback.

It’s also why we continue to invest in the people, technology, processes, and standards that allow us to better serve our clients. We leverage your feedback, search for new efficiencies, and make decisions based on what we believe will deliver the best experience for you.

If a new process can make our response time shorter or our clients happier, we will strive to use that new standard.

At the end of the day, we are people with a passion for cryptocurrency, just like you, and we want to partner with you on your crypto journey.

Need more proof?

Head over to Kraken’s Support page to see how we support you at every step of your crypto journey.

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*Satisfaction score results from Kraken’s own client satisfaction survey results gathered after client interactions