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Watch: Kraken’s Crypto Security Guide to Hardware Devices

The Crypto Security Guide is a new video series designed to teach you security best practices, hosted by our top internal expert Nick Percoco.  

Think your hardware device is invincible to attack? Our Nick Percoco is here to change your mind and save your wallet. 

In the latest edition of our Crypto Security Guide, Nick explains how any computer or device connected to the internet can become vulnerable to attack.

“You have a choice in where to keep your crypto wallet. You can keep them on your mobile phone, you can keep them on your desktop computer, [but] those could potentially be hacked and those wallets can be stolen.”

Below he explains more ways you can keep your devices safe.

Hardware Wallets  

In the first video, “Hardware Wallets,” Nick explains that one of the main security advantages is that these devices can be kept offline where they are not as susceptible to hacking.

However, hardware wallets are only as secure as their design, which can be especially vulnerable to attacks if the hacker has physical access to the device. 

What is a Yubikey?

In “What is a Yubikey,” Nick explains the benefits of this two-factor authentication solution, and how when used together with strong security practices, it can enhance safety.

Every week we will be adding new videos to the series, so be sure to follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest Crypto Security Guide.

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