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All-in: Kraken Partners With Triton, the World’s Most Prestigious Poker Brand

Kraken is delighted to support the digital premiere of the Triton Million: A Helping Hand for Charity – the largest buy-in poker tournament ever televised. Run by Triton Poker, one of the game’s most exclusive brands, the event brought together 54 professional and amateur poker players for a tournament with an entry fee of £1,050,000. 

The 2019 competition, which took place in London, contributed £50,000 from each competitor’s entry fee to charity – donating a sum of £2.5m to a range of organizations including the One Drop Foundation, the Malaysian Red Crescent and Raising for Effective Giving.

Triton’s dedication to charitable ventures is a vision that firmly aligns with our own. Kraken is thrilled to support a brand that shares our values while promoting our products to a demographic primed for cryptocurrency adoption, as poker was one of the earliest use cases for cryptocurrencies and many of its top-ranked players are outspoken advocates of the digital money revolution.

The ten-part series, whose first episode aired online on September 23, 2021, will be released on Triton Poker’s YouTube channel over a period of five weeks. If you missed the competition on TV, now’s your chance to catch up on 2019’s hottest poker tournament.

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