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COVID Security: A Free Kraken Webinar w/ Nick Percoco – September 25 @ 14:00 UTC

As Kraken’s Chief Security Officer, Nick Percoco knows firsthand how to protect clients at one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency companies from cutting-edge cyber attacks.

However, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever that traders and investors take matters into their own hands, staying abreast of evolving tactics used by criminals and understanding how to implement effective digital strategies to combat them.

That’s why this Friday, September 25 at 14:00 UTC (10:00 EDT), we’re making Nick available for a special 1-hour webinar that brings to light our latest insights into how cybercriminals are exploiting trying times around the world in an effort to steal crypto assets.

He’ll be joined by special guest and moderator, SC Media Executive Editor Teri Robinson.

In an open Q&A session, attendees will be able to hear firsthand how to adapt to what’s happening on the frontlines of cybersecurity, leaving with insights to protect their wealth.

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What Will the Session Cover?

  • Crypto security best practices (and how to implement them)
  • Essential home security steps for sheltering-in-place
  • New digital COVID scams and how to spot them
  • Tips and tricks for better securing your personal finances (and crypto assets).

Who Should Attend?

Anyone interested in understanding how to best protect themselves from evolving digital threats, including new cyberattacks that are becoming more popular in the wake of COVID-19.

How Do I Register?

You can sign up on our registration page here.

Continuing Education

Not able to make the webinar? Be sure to watch our Kraken Crypto Security Guide, a new YouTube series designed to help our clients protect everything from their Kraken account to their PCs and mobile phones.

Want a deeper dive? Canisecure.com is Kraken’s open-source repository of security tips, tricks and best practices.

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About Nick Percoco

Nick Percoco is Chief Security Officer at Kraken. He has served in executive security roles at companies including Uptake, Rapid7 and KPMG.

As a speaker, he has provided unique insight around security breaches, malware, mobile security and InfoSec trends to public (Black Hat, DEFCON, and OWASP) and private audiences (DHS, US-CERT, Interpol, U.S. Secret Service) throughout the world.

About Teri Robinson

Teri Robinson, Executive Editor at SC Media, has over two decades of experience reporting and editing on tech and business issues. She was the features editor at PC Sources magazine and InternetWeek, and is the former editor-in-chief of Financial Technology Review.

Her work has appeared in BusinessWeek, Inc. Magazine and the Los Angeles Times as well as a variety of business publications.