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Introducing The Kraken Affiliate Program: 20% Revenue Share!

Nothing makes us happier than hearing a client recommend Kraken to others, as a result of their experience trading with us and the sense of independence that comes with owning crypto. 

In appreciation, we want to start rewarding those who spread the good word. Starting today, you can get paid 20% of the fees we collect from a referred client (up to $1,000 USD for each client referred).

Let’s do the math: 

If you refer 500 clients to us, you can earn up to $500,000 USD (i.e. 500 X $1,000)! 

Here’s the best part: 

This program has no scheduled expiration date

  • You get paid for as long as the referral remains a client. We constructed our program this way because we truly believe in growing the market long term. 
  • This is a huge difference from any other programs which might pay you a higher percentage, but only cover the first 3 months or first year of the clients’ activity. 
  • Our data shows that most clients are active well beyond the first year.

That’s all there is to it. 

How to sign up and start making money:

Whether you want to refer friends and family or promote Kraken to a wider audience online, the process is simple:

  1. Fill out this form 
  2. Once you agree to the terms of service, you will see your affiliate link on the dashboard. You can share this link with friends and family, and get referral fees for anyone who signs up through this link. (Operational security is important. Please remember not to use your Kraken username and password when signing up.)
  3. If you want to promote Kraken to a wider audience, download banners & other marketing materials from the dashboard. You can place these assets on your website and share on social networks
  4. See your clicks and signup stats updated daily. Your fee stats will be updated once a month. (We’re working hard to refresh the data more often.)
  5. Automatically get your payout once a month – no need to talk to anyone. The money will just show up in your bank account

To get started, click here.

What Else?

  • You can leverage our awesome library of Kraken ad banners to help you promote our products. We’re adding more assets daily.
  • Create variations of your link to a/b test different messages and placements on your channels. Some of our partners have seen a large lift in performance after a few tests.
  • Here’s an example of how Crypto Finder uses our affiliate program to refer viewers to Kraken: 

Leverage your properties! Top channels used by our affiliates include:

  • Personal websites
  • Blogs
  • YouTube channels
  • Twitter handles
  • Webinars
  • Events
  • Email 

It’s that simple. Sign up here to start earning!