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Kraken Delists Namecoin


In the process of making some technical upgrades, we recently had to reassess which coins were worth keeping and which would be worth the additional effort to continue to maintain. This assessment resulted in Namecoin being delisted from Kraken on May 23rd. It is no longer possible to deposit or trade Namecoin on the exchange and clients with Namecoin balances should withdraw their funds as soon as possible. The delisting was first announced in an email to clients on May 11th. 

This decision was not in any way based on the merits of Namecoin as a digital asset. For whatever reason, trade volumes for Namecoin just weren’t there. We have been supporters of Namecoin for a long time, even having supported it through merged mining on Maxbtc.com, Payward’s old mining pool.  We also found the fatal flaw and had encouraged trading with near-0 fees for a long time. Unfortunately, this was not enough to garner the loyalty of the Namecoin trading community, and subsequently the revenues from trading Namecoin, and the interest from our clients, have not been sufficient to justify the continued support.