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Kraken Donates $1m to Coin Center, with an additional $1m matching during May

Last night at the Coin Center annual dinner in New York City, Jerry Brito announced Kraken’s donation of $1,000,000, and our pledge to match any additional gifts during the month of May, up to another $1,000,000.

The great work that Coin Center does is extremely important and referenced by governments around the world.  They’ve been ardent defenders of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and innovation.  Their work benefits the community, the industry and people who have yet to hear about Bitcoin.  We are very proud to be able to support their continued effort.

Coin Center is the Night’s Watch of crypto, our first line of defense.  If you don’t like the watchmen abandoning the wall to go raise money, we hope you join us in supporting Coin Center during May.

You can donate (and get some sweet shirts) here: https://coincenter.org/donate