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Kraken Grants $150,000 to Open-Source Bitcoin Payment Processor BTCPay

At Kraken, we’re committed to supporting great open-source development, both through direct grants and full-time employment.

That’s why this week Kraken sent $150,000 worth of Bitcoin to BTCPay Server, an open-source Bitcoin payment processor that’s free, secure, private and censorship-resistant, to coincide with our recognition of Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day on June 26th.

In fact, we’re such big fans that we’ve incorporated BTCPay into one of our own products: you can now pay for Cryptowatch using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through BTCPay.

Kraken cares deeply about this technology and its mission to expand financial freedoms, and Bitcoin simply would not exist without developers working to improve its usability.

Said Pierre Rochard, Kraken Lead Bitcoin Strategist:

“Thanks to BTCPay, businesses have total freedom to conveniently access a secure digital cash system called Bitcoin. Accepting bitcoin as payment may be a key feature of your product, your payment system of last resort, or just one of many checkout options. In any case, it’s likely that BTCPay is the most cost-effective solution for your needs and I’m excited to see Kraken contributing to this project’s continued success.”

Here are a few reasons why you might want to integrate it into your business or personal website.

BTCPay provides:

  • A built-in online point-of-sale app
  • Easy e-commerce integrations to your website
  • QuickBooks integration and invoice export for easy accounting
  • Optional integrations with alternative cryptocurrencies
  • Support for Lightning Network payments.

Still not sure you could start accepting Bitcoin on your own? On Friday, June 26, at 13:00 UTC, Pierre will host a special webinar offering hands-on advice and education with Nicolas Dorier, the founder of BTCPay.

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A Continuing Commitment to Open-Source

Are you an open-source contributor? If so, Kraken may be interested in supporting your work. If our interests align, you can still work on open-source code as part of a fun and like-minded team, while earning a generous salary and benefits.

Most recently, Héctor Ramón joined us as one of our first Rust developers, where he works full-time on open-source software. Héctor is the creator of Iced, a GUI library for Rust, the maintainer of wgpu_glyph, and a regular contributor to Rust libraries.

Since joining Kraken, he’s worked to improve Iced’s upstream dependencies so Kraken can begin to leverage it in our own technology stacks.

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