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Kraken Opens for Trading


Kraken is pleased to announce their launch with trading between euros, bitcoins, and litecoins. Kraken CEO Jesse Powell said that Kraken is able to service most jurisdictions at launch, but in order to accommodate regulatory requirements, some jurisdictions would have limited services or no services. Restricted jurisdictions include high AML risk countries, such as Afghanistan and Iran, that Kraken has no plans to service. In other jurisdictions Kraken currently offers no services, such as most US states and Germany, but plans to offer services in each jurisdiction after its regulatory compliance strategy has been finalized in the jurisdiction. Kraken can service a few US states at launch with digital currency to digital currency trading, and fewer US states with digital currency to national currency trading. Emphasizing Kraken’s commitment to regulatory compliance, Jesse said, “We’re not just trying to slide under the radar and get away with it.”

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