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Kraken’s Japan Chief Joins Japan Virtual and Crypto assets Exchange Association

We are excited to announce that Takeshi Chino, Managing Director of Kraken Japan, has recently been elected as Vice Chairman of the Japan Virtual and Crypto assets Exchange Association (JVCEA).

Takeshi will help to lead the JVCEA’s efforts to work with the Japanese government to enact thoughtful, fair, and effective crypto regulations.

With a quickly growing crypto investor base, the Japanese government is actively working to navigate the intricacies of the asset class to remain both fair and competitive. With his robust  leadership experience from his time at the Tokyo Stock Exchange and PwC Japan Group, the JVCEA tapped Takeshi to join their organization to help push crypto regulations in the right direction.

“The JVCEA is an important organization, making rules and regulations for the industry to ensure all groups remain in compliance,” said Takeshi. “I aim to share my experience and engage with regulators to have positive outcomes for both the crypto industry and all market participants.”

Kraken continues to be a leader in working with governments around the world to develop responsible crypto regulations for the benefit of consumers and business. With more than three million active crypto trading accounts in Japan, Kraken is firmly committed to promoting free and fair access to digital assets, and furthering the adoption of cryptocurrencies.


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