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MtGox Claims Dispute Process


Kraken has received many requests from our clients and others in the community for assistance in disputing accepted or rejected amounts with MtGox claims.

Any claimants with remaining disputes must file an application for an appraisal of their bankruptcy claim with the Tokyo District Court. This is the only process for disputing MtGox claims.

Each creditor with a dispute must file their own appraisal application. To assist the community, Kraken is pleased to provide assistance that, to the best of our knowledge, may be helpful in filing the application. However, Kraken is not responsible for any potential inaccuracies in the provided information, and not responsible for any outcomes.

The best option for claimants would be to find a Japanese lawyer who can help fill out the application. However, according to the Japanese bankruptcy lawyers Kraken spoke with, the first stage of this filing for the claim assessment does not necessarily require a lawyer. Claimants may need an attorney to file a lawsuit.

First, claimants must officially alert the court that they desire their case reviewed before the deadline of June 27, 2016, Japan Standard Time. Kraken has created a template for claimants’ use, but it must be filled out in Japanese. It is the responsibility of claimants to find a Japanese speaker or a translation service to help with this process, as Kraken is not able to assist creditors in filling out this template.

Although in an ideal circumstance, a credentialed Japanese attorney can help, it may be adequate to find someone who can write proper Japanese to explain the situation and to provide necessary evidence.

Second, by the deadline on June 27, 2016 in Japan Standard Time, claimants must be sure to mail all required documents to the court. Claimants must mail two copies of the form and two copies of each evidence document (1 for the court, 1 for the trustee) to the Tokyo District Court.

The mailing address of Tokyo District Court can be found below:

The Section in charge of bankrupt entity MTGOX Co., Ltd. 20th Civil

Division of the Tokyo District Court 1-2 Kasumigaseki 1-chome

Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8920 Japan