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On the imminent Ethereum (ETH) hard fork

The Ethereum foundation is planning a hard fork at block 2463000, expected to be reached on Tuesday October 18th 2016 PDT. The fork introduces changes to help protect against the recent DOS attacks on the network. The fork is expected to go very smoothly with the DOS-protected fork quickly becoming the dominant chain while the old vulnerable chain quickly dies out. Learn more about the hard fork and follow updates from the Ethereum foundation on their blog.

What Kraken clients need to know about the hard fork

Funding for ETH, ETC, DAO, REP will be halted – do not send deposits during the fork
Kraken will halt funding of ETH and all related assets (ETC, DAO, REP) a couple of hours prior to the fork. Client funds will be safely secured on Kraken during this period. Funding will be re-enabled after the outcome of the fork is clear and the network is safe. Kraken clients should not send ETH, ETC, DAO or REP deposits during the fork.  

Trading will continue as normal
Trading of ETH and all related assets (ETC, DAO, REP) will continue as normal. All ETH, ETC, DAO and REP balances will be tokens of the dominant chain (the chain with the most work on it) after the fork.

Will Kraken support balances and trading on the non-dominant chain?
No – Kraken will only support the dominant chain (the chain with the most work on it).

Update your Ethereum client
Everyone should update their Ethereum client to the latest version. ETC users should use the latest version of Parity or the official Ethereum Classic Go client (https://github.com/ethereumproject/go-ethereum/releases). ETC users should not use the current version of the foundation Geth client, since it will fork ETC on Tuesday.  

Why is ETC funding being halted?
An ETC fork is planned for October 25th. However, there is some risk of an unintentional ETC fork along with the ETH fork, because many people are running normal ETH clients with the classic flag set. Due to these risks, ETC funding will also be halted while the outcome of the ETH fork is determined.

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