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The Secrets of Successful Crypto Traders: A Free Kraken Webinar w/ Nelson Minier – September 10 @ 13:00 UTC

Fast, furious, ever-changing. It’s not easy to find success as a trader in the 24/7 cryptocurrency market. Whatever experience you have, trust us, you’ve never seen anything like this before. 

Still, it’s possible to not just survive – but thrive – in the crypto market. 

That’s why on Thursday, September 10 at 13:00 UTC, Kraken’s Head of OTC Sales & Trading, Nelson Minier, will lead an exclusive webinar designed to give Kraken clients insights into the lives and careers of some of the world’s top cryptocurrency fund managers. 

Guests will include pioneers who were among the first to transition to careers as full-time crypto professionals, including former OTC director at Circle, Daniel Matuszewski, and Bobby Cho, former COO at Cumberland, both of whom now lead the investment firm CMS Holdings.

Nelson and guests will share:

  • Analysis and commentary on current market trends 
  • Guidelines on how to transition expertise from finance to crypto 
  • Insights on where we’re headed and what next year will look like
  • Tips and tricks that can help you avoid intro trading mistakes.

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Who Should Attend? 

Traders and investors interested in understanding the strategies of veteran industry traders.

Will I Be Able to Ask Questions? 

Yes! Questions will be handled live by Nelson in accordance with our User Content Guidelines. 

Alternatively, if you have any topics or questions that you would like answered during the session, you may send your question via email to [email protected]

What Can I Do to Prepare? 

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About Nelson Minier

Nelson Minier is Head of OTC Sales & Trading at Kraken, where he oversees our global trading desks servicing clients in Australia, Europe, Latin America and North America. 

Nelson previously worked at JP Morgan and Credit Suisse and now specializes in helping high net-worth individuals and asset managers seize opportunities in the cryptocurrency market.

About Bobby Cho

Bobby Cho is a partner at CMS Holdings, a principal investment firm focused on making investments across the crypto asset ecosystem.

Prior to joining CMS Holdings, Bobby was Chief Operating Officer at Cumberland, a DRW company, and previously served as Vice President at SecondMarket. 

About Dan Matuszewski 

Dan Matuszewski is co-founder at CMS Holdings. He was formerly head of Circle Trade, at the time one of the industry’s largest trading desks.