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Update on ETC/ETH funding


When will ETC funding be available?

The ETC funding gateway is expected to come online on Thursday July 28th sometime before 12pm UTC. Edit: ETC funding is now live!

If I deposit ETH will Kraken credit my ETC too?

If you have not yet split your ETH and ETC into different wallets and are worried about the replay attack, you can safely make an ETH deposit to Kraken. The transaction will automatically be replayed on the ETC network if possible and you will receive both your ETH deposit and an equal amount of ETC. However, the ETC will not be credited to your account until our ETC gateway comes online (see above for the ETA on this). But keep in mind that if the ETH deposit cannot be replayed on the ETC network, then you will of course not be credited for any ETC (they will still be in your wallet). One scenario in which the ETC transaction will not be replayable is if you deposit more ETH than you have in ETC. 

Support for contract and block reward deposits

When the ETC gateway comes online the ETH gateway will also be updated. Both gateways will for the first time support deposits from contracts and deposits from block rewards. This means that your Kraken deposit address can be used as the destination address for transactions resulting from contracts. You can also use your Kraken deposit address for block rewards. Another benefit is that the standard Ethereum wallet (Mist) uses a contract as default wallet, so you can now use this default wallet to make deposits to Kraken. 

Reminder: Removing the ICAP deposit option

Remember that we are removing the ICAP deposit option for both ETH and ETC. If you use any ICAP deposit addresses you should switch over to hex addresses immediately. Almost all of our clients use hex addresses already, so only a few will be affected by this change.