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WATCH: Super Bull Michael Saylor Says Bitcoin is ‘The Central Bank of Cyberspace’

In our newest free webinar on Friday, Kraken Growth Lead Dan Held welcomed special guest Michael Saylor, the co-founder and CEO of MicroStrategy for a deep dive into his personal investment philosophy and strategy.

Known as the “bull of bulls” in Bitcoin circles, Saylor did not disappoint Kraken clients watching live, arguing the world’s largest cryptocurrency is the solution to a “$250 trillion problem” investors face – where can they safely store value?

Saylor believes Bitcoin is the answer to that very question, and that as a result, investors will soon be in a “stampede” to convert assets like equities and bonds out of an “analogue monetary system” into Bitcoin.

He went so far as to compare Bitcoin to a “forest fire” that will spread exponentially as younger generations become aware of the need for a strong, reliable store of value.

Said Saylor:

“Bitcoin is the central bank of cyberspace… that is never going to screw you, and no one’s ever going to change the rules on you.”

Elsewhere, he noted the news that PayPal will launch its own cryptocurrency trading service as a major step toward introducing Bitcoin to more users, and went on to predict there will be a next, much larger, wave of allocations from institutional investors.

As people keep believing in Bitcoin, Saylor concluded, it has the potential to completely overhaul the monetary system.

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