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Announcing Kraken OTC Portal v 2.0 featuring automated settlement

Note: Since this blog was published, the OTC portal link has moved to the top-of-page navigation:

The Kraken OTC desk is constantly exploring new ways to deliver a great trading experience to our clients. Our new, fast, reliable, and easy-to-use automated settlement service seamlessly integrates with our RFQ, providing access to automated trade quotes and instant settlement of executed trades, all from a self-service portal… in addition to the personalized, white-glove service Kraken OTC is known for.

What is automated settlement?

Automated settlement allows you to trade via OTC’s RFQ with the available balances in your Kraken account in three simple steps: request a quote, accept that quote and confirm the trade. Go from initial quote to final settlement within seconds.


What if I like the flexible settlement I already use?

If you already enjoy access to flexible settlement – the ability to trade now and settle later – nothing has to change. Our one-on-one, person-to-person settlement experience and our global team of traders remain at your service around the clock.

How can I start using automated settlement?

Clients must first be onboarded onto RFQ. Our OTC desk traders will work with you to assess your trading needs and determine suitable settlement eligibility. Clients eligible for flexible settlement can simply select either settlement option in the OTC portal prior to quoting.

Automated settlement = instant settlement for clients who want an exact, finalized, up-to-the-second snapshot of their trade status.

OTC Portal v 2.0

Our OTC Portal v 2.0 is also loaded with upgrades:

OTC image

Your automated OTC trading experience now has more to offer than ever:

  • Exposure panel to monitor outstanding exposure
  • Price charts based on your three most-traded coins
  • Enhanced visibility to your:
    • Recent transactions
    • Most-traded coins by volume
    • OTC trading history

Recent transactions (can also still be generated via email):

OTC spot trade history:


Options trade history:


Options trade detail:

Automated RFQ

Our self-service RFQ allows you to generate your own instant trade quote for $100K+ of any eligible cryptoasset up to a maximum of $1M (which can be increased on a case-by-case basis). New RFQ features include:

  • Quotes available by lot size or by base currency transaction amount
  • “Max trade size” and “Max amount” per asset displayed in the UI
  • Indicative pricing for OTC clients without RFQ access

There is a maximum number of coins that can be purchased per trade. This maximum can vary and the current limits are always available in the OTC portal FAQ. Even though there are per-trade maximums, an unlimited number of trades can be placed. Eligible assets are shown below:

Note: Listed max trade sizes are examples only, see the OTC portal FAQ for current max trade sizes

Simply accept your automated buy or sell quote and your trade is filled – without ever having to worry about navigating fast-moving markets or those for coins that might be less liquid.


Already a Kraken OTC client? Try out the new RFQ and OTC Portal v 2.0 today! If you’re new to OTC and want to learn more, learn what OTC can do for you.


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