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Bear markets are for building: Introducing Kraken’s new and improved Pro trading interface

Over the last year, our engineering team has been working tirelessly to deliver a brand new, more powerful trading experience that is designed to meet the rapidly evolving needs of our clients. Whether you are an advanced professional trader or even just finding your way in crypto, we have created something special that we hope will change the way you trade.

Introducing Kraken Pro, our new web trading interface that integrates spot, margin trading, staking, and portfolio management all in a seamless, modern UI.

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This is just the start of a new chapter for our advanced trading experience. We have a packed roadmap for adding more products and services over the next few months but we believe these changes will make it faster and easier to build your trading tactics with Kraken.

So what’s different?

  • A much-overdue makeover to our UI that made waves among our clients during beta tests. We know you could be spending hours staring at the screen, so we have created a hyper-modern, aesthetically-pleasing experience worthy of being your main trade station.
  • A highly customizable and scalable front-end. With our new experience, you’ll have full control to adjust and design your perfect trading layout. Choose from an optional menu of modules that rearrange, resize, stack, nest in tabs and expand in pop-outs so you can make the most efficient use of your screens at any time, and even view up to four charts at once.
  • A more powerful Kraken Pro platform. We’ve rebuilt our Pro offering from the ground up to leverage Kraken’s infrastructure improvements and websocket architecture, ensuring real-time web trading experience that can keep up with your pace of execution.
  • A standalone platform for advanced traders. You can track your entire portfolio in a clear consolidated view, fund and withdraw, and administer your account, security settings, and API keys all from one place.

But that’s not all. Check out our website to see all our new features.

This upgrade has been a long time coming.

“We’ve worked tirelessly to develop a brand new Kraken experience that keeps up with the fast-paced world of crypto and we’re excited to finally reveal what we’ve built. The new Pro experience is the result of vigorous testing and development of a tool that has the modern trader at its heart.” said Kraken’s Product Director of Pro & Institutional Trading, Shannon Kurtas.

The results are clear: Kraken Pro is faster, better, and more usable than ever before.

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What’s staying the same?

  • Trade the same Kraken markets with industry-leading liquidity on most pairs. 
  • World-class security to protect your investments, and our ongoing commitment to transparency.
  • Around the clock, global support when you need it.
  • Our fees remain unchanged, but we’ve introduced fast and low-cost funding methods such as Plaid, ACH and Bitcoin Lightning Network which is supported globally.

Is this for me?

Although Kraken Pro was designed with advanced traders in mind, the customizable interface means you can make the interface as simple or as information-rich as you like. This makes it a great option for novice traders and investors looking to learn. There are also preset advanced and simple layout modes to help you get started with the right interface for you.

Anyone with a Kraken account can access and try Kraken Pro. You’ll need to be 18 or over and reside in one of the supported countries to register for an account. 

With Pro’s new scalable design, there’s no limit to the advanced features and modules we can add. We’re always listening to client feedback on what to add next. Issues, concerns, or thoughts? Let us know!

What should I do now?

You’ll still have access to the legacy interface for our advanced products on Kraken.com and it can be used in parallel with the new experience. 

Kraken Pro has evolved from continuous feedback from our users, as well as the wider crypto community, so we’re confident our clients will continue to organically migrate to the new experience as they discover the benefits of our most powerful interface to date.

Already tried it? We want to know what you think! Feel free to leave feedback here.

We hope you enjoy your elevated trading experience with the all-new Kraken Pro!

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