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Crypto shouldn’t be cryptic: Introducing Kraken’s refreshed web experience

Getting started in crypto doesn’t need to be hard, and now Kraken has made it even easier.

The powerful features and design principles of Kraken’s mobile app are now available on the web. Introducing the new and improved Kraken web experience — the easy way to start your crypto journey.

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What’s different?

All new user interface

Why should buying cryptocurrency be more complicated than any other online purchase?

With an easy onboarding process and sleek user interface, the new Kraken web lets you manage your financial freedom with ease. Our clients found the refreshed design to be even cleaner, simpler and easier to use than our existing class leading interface.

The unified Portfolio Chart provides a simple, yet comprehensive view of your assets’ value over time. Below the chart are simple to use buttons that allow you to buy, sell, convert, deposit and withdraw your crypto with ease.

But most of all, you will love the all new portfolio view that allows you to track the value of each asset in your portfolio at a glance.

All the features you need to simplify your crypto trading and portfolio management are easily accessible on Kraken web.

Simplified fiat and crypto deposits and withdrawals

As the bridge between the traditional and decentralized financial ecosystems, Kraken makes it easy to convert your cash into crypto and crypto into cash.

With different funding options tailored to each of the regions we operate in, Kraken offers a robust set of deposit and withdrawal options across both fiat and crypto methods.

Discovery at a glance

The all new interface makes it easier than ever to explore the 200+ cryptocurrencies available on Kraken. The new Kraken web interface provides you with the real time price and educational information you need to make informed decisions with your money.

Learn more about every asset as you track its performance, market cap and trading volume in real-time with Kraken web.

Recurring Buys

Take the stress out of timing the market. You can now use Recurring Buys to build your crypto portfolio over time. Use dollar-cost averaging to smooth out market fluctuations and buy fixed amounts of crypto at regular, set intervals. It’s easy and quick to set up.

Language support

Find, learn about, and trade cryptocurrencies in your native language. Kraken supports the most used languages throughout the world — making it easier than ever to build your confidence along your crypto journey.

What’s the same?

While the interface is all new, the foundation Kraken was built upon remains unchanged.

24/7 support

Our award-winning support team is still committed to helping you on every step of your crypto journey. Our crypto experts speak more than 13 languages and are ready to help via live chat, phone or email. Crypto never sleeps, and neither do we.

Security above everything

The globally recognized security standards that earned us SOC 2, Type 1 and ISO 27001 certifications still protect your funds and information from attackers. 2FA, data encryption and real-time monitoring help to protect you and your financial freedom.

All-in-one functionality

Kraken still helps you connect to the most exciting areas of the crypto ecosystem. From our NFT marketplace and staking services to our Kraken Pro trading interface and over-the-counter (OTC) trading desk, Kraken has the services you need for wherever you are on your crypto journey. 

Kraken vs Kraken Pro: Which is right for me?

The tools you need on your crypto journey constantly evolve as you access new opportunities within the space. 

While Kraken offers a simplified experience for those just starting their journey, Kraken Pro offers the one-stop destination for advanced crypto traders that need a competitive edge.

Both interfaces access the same highly liquid markets. But, Kraken is focused on eliminating complexity, while Kraken Pro delivers a powerful all-in-one interface. Check out our support article Which Kraken platform is best for me? if you need more information.

Otherwise, you can use the app switcher in the top right corner to switch between both platforms as you determine which is right for you.

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The all new Kraken web experience has been completely redesigned to support you on your crypto journey.

Eliminate the cryptic parts of crypto and get started with Kraken today.