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Kraken Announces New OTC Electronic Dashboard to Let Traders Get Automated Price Quotes in Seconds – Available February 13th

Kraken is excited to announce a new tool designed to boost ease-of-use for our growing OTC user base, an automated Request For Quote (RFQ) dashboard.

Starting February 13th at approximately 17:00 UTC, all of our OTC customers will be able to:

  • Request quotes for buy and sell orders directly from the dashboard for ALL fiat and crypto trading pairs
  • Accept or decline quotes on the same screen
  • See their entire transaction history in one simple dashboard.

Each active OTC client will automatically gain access to the OTC dashboard, which you can immediately use to start requesting quotes by “launching” the OTC Desk Icon on the right side of your existing account homepage.

The announcement follows our acquisition of Circle Trade, one of the most recognized OTC desks in the industry, and Bit Trade, the first crypto OTC desk in Australia.

How It Works 

Scroll down to see a sample trade agreement on Kraken’s OTC desk (the steps in a sale agreement would be identical).

Step 1: The customer requests a quote.


Step 2: The OTC desk quickly provides a price for the transaction. The customer must decide whether to accept or decline the quote.


Step 3: Once the customer accepts the transaction, a confirmation is sent to their email. Transactions will be settled in the same manner customers are accustomed to.


Step 4: The accepted quote will now appear in your “Quote History” on the dashboard:


If you are new to Kraken OTC and would like to sign up for this service, please contact [email protected]. We’re always happy to help guide you through the onboarding process.

Thank you for choosing Kraken, the trusted and secure digital asset exchange.

The Kraken OTC Team