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Kraken Futures goes Pro

We are excited to announce that futures trading is now available in our new Kraken Pro web interface. With this upgrade, we are providing an all-in-one crypto experience that unlocks powerful trading opportunities for our clients.

Kraken Pro web users can now leverage the capital efficiency of futures to gain long and short exposure, trade without holding the underlying asset, and develop more advanced strategies across spot and perpetual futures markets. 

Kraken Pro currently supports up to 95 USD linear perpetual futures. Get started today!

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The journey

Our first futures trading platform futures.kraken.com raised the standard for crypto futures trading when it launched in 2020. 

Recognizing the importance of futures across a breadth of trading strategies, we embedded all the advanced functionality of futures.kraken.com in the intuitive and dynamic user experience of Kraken Pro.

By empowering you to manage all your crypto trading activity — including spot, margin, staking, and now futures — from a unified interface, we believe that Kraken Pro has once again set the industry standard.

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Why trade futures with Kraken Pro?

With futures taker fees as low as 0.01%, Kraken Pro offers some of the lowest futures trading fees in the industry. 

From a unified interface, you can seamlessly transfer more than 15 assets from your Spot Wallet into your Futures wallet to use as collateral for trading various perpetual markets without having to own the underlying cryptocurrency. 

For example, you might be holding ETH in your Spot Wallet and want to take advantage of price changes in DOT without having to own DOT. You can transfer your ETH from your Spot to Futures Wallet and open a DOT position via the DOT perpetual future. Futures on Kraken Pro allows you to realize potential profits into your preferred currency, thereby enabling more adaptive trading strategies and efficient portfolio management.

With a constantly growing selection of now over 95 USD cross-margined perpetual futures and ability to trade with leverage, you can use the all-in-one functionality of Kraken Pro to manage your spot and futures portfolios. 

Kraken Pro’s integrated futures trading experience offers:

  • Quick and seamless transitions between spot and futures markets
  • Easy management of spot and futures positions and collateral from a unified interface
  • An intuitive portfolio view that charts historical performance across your balances
  • Convenient tracking of your futures balance on the go with the Kraken Pro app
  • Trading analytics to view time series of open interest and perpetual funding rates
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Opening the door to sophisticated trading opportunities

Futures trading with Kraken Pro allows you to be more capital efficient with the use of leverage — enabling you to maintain larger positions with a smaller initial margin requirement.

Futures trading may also allow you to benefit from cost-efficient hedging. By managing both spot and futures execution, position management, and portfolio in one interface, Kraken Pro makes it easier to minimize execution expenses and potential tax liabilities while still effectively managing risk exposure. 

Finally, integrating futures trading within Kraken Pro makes it easier for you to execute futures basis trading strategies. By exploiting the delta between spot and futures price, you can capture arbitrage opportunities from funding rate discrepancies using Kraken Pro.

These examples highlight how Kraken Pro allows you to spot signals, take actions, and manage risks from a single, consolidated interface.

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How to get started

If you are located in an eligible jurisdiction with Intermediate Tier (3) verification or above, you can easily start trading futures on Kraken Pro. 

After opening Kraken Pro, select “Futures” from the market selector and choose one of the many perpetual markets that are offered. By clicking “Unlock” within the futures order form, you can activate futures after accepting the terms and conditions.

Please note that futures trading on Kraken Pro only supports the Multi-Collateral wallet at this time. Kraken Futures clients who wish to trade Single-Collateral futures can continue using futures.kraken.com for the time being.

Legacy futures.kraken.com clients can simply sign in to Kraken Pro using your current login information. All account information will automatically reflect your current Multi-Collateral trading activity and past trading history. Balances in a Holding Wallet or Single-Collateral Wallet are not accessible from Kraken Pro and can only be accessed from futures.kraken.com at this time.

Get started

A helping hand

To help you get up to speed with the powerful functionality of Kraken Pro, we’ve created a range of resources that will support your futures trading.

We have:

Are you new to all the possibilities trading futures offers? Check out our Kraken Learn Center article What are crypto futures contracts? to get started.

The future of Kraken Pro

We’re committed to providing an unrivaled trading experience. The integration of futures trading within Kraken Pro is a significant milestone on our mission to deliver on that objective. 

As you start trading futures on Kraken Pro, we welcome your valuable feedback as we continue to introduce the improvements you need.

Get started with Kraken Pro today and stay tuned for many more updates coming this year!


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Trading futures, derivatives and other instruments using leverage involves an element of risk and may not be suitable for everyone. Read Kraken’s risk disclosure to learn more.