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Kraken launches ICONOMI (ICN) trading


Kraken now supports trading of ICONOMI tokens (ICN). ICN can be traded for bitcoin and ether with the following two currency pairs added to the Kraken platform:

  • ICN/XBT 

ICN holders who wish to deposit their tokens to their Kraken accounts should go to Funding > Deposit > ICN and follow the deposit instructions.

What is ICONOMI?

ICONOMI is a fund management platform for investors in the digital asset space. Dubbed as the “Uber of fund management,” ICONOMI is designed for those who want to invest in a portfolio of digital assets without having to secure each asset and manage the portfolio themselves. The first two offerings will be ICONOMI.INDEX, a basket of popular digital assets that minimizes volatility, and ICONOMI.PERFORMANCE, targeting higher yield and actively managed by expert traders. These funds are not available yet, but the ICONOMI team says they will launch the first fund before the end of the year. Later in 2017 additional custom funds managed by prominent traders will be available.

What is ICN?  

ICN is the Ethereum-based ICONOMI token. Owning ICN means that you own a portion of ICONOMI, which will have some assets invested in the ICONOMI.PERFORMANCE fund. ICN holders will also receive a weekly dividend based on the net profit of the platform, which receives a portion of the fund management fees.