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Kraken opens Dash (DASH) trading

Kraken is pleased to announce support for Dash (DASH). Dash is the fourth most valuable digital asset by market cap and recently experienced a huge surge in price (6x gain) and trading volume (10x gain). Dash has one of the fastest growing peer-to-peer networks and supports both “private” and “instant” payments. The open source Dash protocol is self-funded and self-governed, meaning that the Dash network funds its own development and anyone can present their idea to the network. Dash coin supply is limited to 22 million, with the current available supply at the time of writing around 7.22 million.

“We’re excited to have Dash added to Kraken’s trading platform. As more people begin to take interest in our growth, we hope Dash rises to meet our expectations as one of the most highly traded cryptocurrencies on the platform, while simultaneously providing Kraken clients with the value they’re looking for.” – Dash Core Team

Which DASH pairs will be available for trading?

  • DASH/USD (Dash – US Dollar)
  • DASH/BTC (Dash – Bitcoin)
  • DASH/EUR (Dash – Euro)
  • Margin Trading: possibly coming soon!

How do I deposit DASH to my Kraken account?

Go to Funding > Deposit > DASH and click “Generate New Address.” Then send DASH to this deposit address from any DASH wallet.

Will DASH be available on the new trade platform?

Yes! To trade DASH on Kraken’s new trade platform, go to Trade Kraken and click “Connect” to log into your Kraken account. Select the DASH/USD currency pair from the drop-down menu in the upper left of the screen below the Kraken logo. See our previous blog post for more information on getting started with the new trade platform.

Which Dash payment types will Kraken support for withdrawal?

  • Normal withdrawals (fee = 0.005 DASH)
  • “Instant-Send” withdrawals (fee = 0.01 DASH) – Please note that while “Instant-Send” withdrawals may be faster than normal withdrawals, they will take several minutes at least to move through Kraken’s system and may take another 15 minutes after that if the destination doesn’t recognize “Instant-Send” payments.
  • “Private-Send” withdrawals – NOT supported at launch.

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