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Kraken to Open Gnosis (GNO) Trading


Kraken is pleased to announce that trading for Gnosis (GNO) tokens will launch shortly after GNO tokens are released to ICO auction buyers on Monday May 1, 17:09:49 UTC. Order books will be enabled sometime in the few hours before tokens are released and traders can start placing buy orders at that time (traders can place sell orders once they have a GNO balance). Earlier, Kraken partnered with the Gnosis team to allow auction buyers to purchase GNO directly through the Kraken cryptocurrency trading platform. These buyers will have their GNO deposited directly to their Kraken accounts when tokens are released and can begin trading at that time.

The Gnosis ICO auction was held on April 24 and sold out in under 10 minutes at a valuation of 0.6 ETH per GNO (about $30 USD at the time). 416,667 GNO were sold in the auction to raise 250,000 ETH (about $12,500,000 USD at the time).

Which Gnosis Pairs Will Be Available For Trading?

  • Gnosis-Ethereum (GNO/ETH)
  • Gnosis-Bitcoin (GNO/BTC)
  • Gnosis-U.S. Dollar (GNO/USD)
  • Gnosis-Euro (GNO/EUR)

How Do I Deposit GNO Into My Kraken Account?

  • If you bought in the auction through Kraken: Your GNO will be deposited directly to your Kraken account when all ICO tokens are released.
  • If Kraken facilitated after-market participation for you: Your GNO will be credited to your account shortly following the release of all ICO tokens.
  • If you didn’t buy through Kraken: You can create a GNO deposit address now by going to Funding > Deposit > GNO and click “Generate New Address,” then send your deposit to this address after you receive your ICO tokens.

Will Gnosis Be Available On The New Trading Platform?
Yes! To trade Gnosis on Kraken’s new trade platform, go to https://trade.kraken.com and click “Connect” to log into your Kraken account. Select the GNO currency pairs from the drop-down menu in the upper left of the screen below the Kraken logo. See our previous blog post for more information on getting started with the new trade platform.

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