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New Kraken Site Design


Kraken will be launching a brand-new site design within the next few days, so we want to give you a brief preview of some important changes.

First, you will notice that the new site mentions margin trading. This doesn’t mean that margin trading will be available when the new site first launches, but it does mean that margin trading will be available very soon.

Second, as part of a simplified design, the monster ID will be removed from the login page. We know that a few of our clients are fond of their monsters, but overall the monster ID was causing more confusion than benefit for the majority or our clients.  

Third, when you are looking at the home page for the first time, a video introducing Kraken to new clients is going to play. You can stop the video by clicking the pause button in the bottom right corner (or just mute the sound and let the video play).

Finally, you will notice that the site menu has changed to be simpler and more intuitive. Note that if you are looking for Kraken market data, this can be found by clicking on the “Charts” link. 

We hope that you enjoy the new site design as much as we have enjoyed building it! We look forward to bringing you more improvements, features, and services in the near future and reporting about them on here on our blog.