Moonbird Oddities, MURI by Haus, Primates, Sneaky Vampire Syndicate and more collections added to Kraken NFT

We’re thrilled to announce that we have added eight new NFT collections to Kraken NFT for our current beta testers to explore, collect and trade. After revealing the first 70 collections earlier this year, and dozens more over the past few weeks, we carefully selected these new collections so you can continue to build the NFT collection of your dreams with zero gas fees.* 

We will continue to add a wide range of new NFT collections every week — from the hottest profile picture communities to the latest gaming experiences — across the Ethereum and Solana blockchains. 

Here is everything you need to know about the new collections launching on Kraken NFT this week:


HAPE PRIME is an NFT collection that features 8,192 fashion savvy primates on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT displays a 3D ape wearing elegant attire, showcasing a unique combination of stylish attributes. Holders can change the outfits worn by their HAPE and increase the fashion index ranking associated with their NFT.

Impostors Genesis Aliens

Impostors Genesis Aliens is an NFT collection featuring 10,420 otherworldly avatars on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Impostor is generated from a combination of 200 unique traits and can be used to gain an advantage within the project’s social-gaming metaverse. Impostors act as digital passes to unique events hosted by the project team.

Koala Intelligence Agency

The Koala Intelligence Agency features 10,000 Australian marsupials collecting intelligence on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT, known as a Koala Agent, comes with a unique set of skills that they use to guard the world against doom. Holders of Koala Agents are granted access to an exclusive online community and may vote on decisions that affect the future of the project.

Moonbirds Oddities

Moonbirds Oddities is a collection of 10,000 NFTs launched in collaboration with digital artist, Gremplin. Each NFT is known as a ‘pellet’ and was generated from a member of its owl-inspired parent collection — Moonbirds. Moonbird Oddities grant their holders access to an exclusive Discord community.

MURI by Haus

MURI is a collection of 10,000 NFTs minted on the Ethereum blockchain. The anime-inspired avatars are the central characters of Night City — the project’s associated immersive world. NFT holders are allotted digital plots of land within Night City and are able to build unique spaces for their avatars.

Pixelmon – Generation 1

Pixelmon – Generation 1 is a collection of 10,005 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Each of the NFTs depicts a unique creature from NoVa Thera — a post-apocalyptic immersive world within the Pixelmon gaming ecosystem. Holders of the first generation of Pixelmon NFTs may be entitled to airdrops of in-game tokens and virtual plots of land.  


Primates is a collection of 10,000 ape-inspired NFTs on the Solana blockchain. The collection depicts a series of unique ape avatars randomly generated from a combination of traits that include cigarettes, scarred bodies and questionable eyes. Primates holders are able to update the NFTs image to reflect ‘toxified’ versions of traits via the project’s online portal.

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate is an NFT collection showcasing 8,888 blood–sucking avatars hiding in the shadows of the Ethereum blockchain. The NFTs portray the hand-drawn motifs of vampires, each featuring a unique combination of inhuman traits such as bat heads, burning bodies and gold fangs. A single pixelated version of each Sneaky Vampire can be claimed with BLOOD — the project’s associated cryptocurrency.

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Will Kraken make more NFTs available?

Yes! But our policy is to never reveal any details until shortly before launch — not even which NFTs we are considering. All of the NFTs available on Kraken can be found on our website, and all future NFTs will be announced on Kraken NFT’s Twitter. Our client engagement specialists cannot answer any questions about which assets we may be making available in the future. 

Trade with caution

Specific asset availability and liquidity are not guaranteed. When Kraken makes an NFT collection available for trading, it’s not a recommendation to buy, sell, or participate in the associated collection. Do your own research and invest at your own risk.

*Gas fees will be incurred when transferring NFTs and other cryptoassets on and off the Kraken platform.