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Open to all: Explore, collect and trade with the Kraken NFT Public Beta

We are thrilled to announce that Kraken NFT has moved to Public Beta and is now open to all clients! 

Following today’s earlier launch of Kraken Pro, clients will now benefit from two new and unique services, demonstrating Kraken’s commitment to accelerating the adoption of cryptocurrency.

After opening Kraken NFT for a private group of beta testers earlier last month, we’ve been hard at work making the design, user experience, and functionality even better. Now, it’s your chance to explore, collect and trade with zero gas fees* on Kraken NFT — the NFT marketplace built from the ground up to be secure, easy to use and dynamic. 

Getting started with Kraken NFT

If you are already a Kraken client, you will see the NFT marketplace has been added to the homepage. 

If you are new to Kraken, we are thrilled to welcome you! There are just a few simple steps we are happy to walk you through as you get started building the NFT collection of your dreams.

Step 1: Sign up for your free Kraken account

Step 2: Verify your Kraken account with our 24/7 Client Engagement team

Step 3: Explore, collect and trade the hottest NFTs on the most secure marketplace, all with zero gas fees.*

Get started

The Kraken NFT Experience

Check out the video below to see how you can get started with NFTs, the Kraken way!

Securely trade verified collections on our advanced marketplace 

At Kraken, safeguarding your funds, NFTs and privacy is our number one objective. That’s how we earned our reputation as a trusted and secure digital asset exchange, as recognized by our reviews in CER.live and Forbes, as well as our CSO50 award and ISO 27001 certification. Rest easy knowing that each trade you place on Kraken NFT is backed by our industry-leading security that keeps your NFTs safe. Additionally, each collection on Kraken NFT is carefully vetted before being added, with the goal of filtering out fake or spam collections.

Easily buy NFTs with no gas fees* 

All too often, gas fees can stand between you and the NFT collections of your dreams. Kraken does not charge gas fees for transactions on the Kraken NFT platform, so your money can go further. Whether there is a FOMO-inducing drop or a record-breaking spike in DeFi causing a backlog network activity, gas fees will not stand between you and your new NFT on Kraken. 

Effortlessly track rarity rankings of each NFT

Because each NFT is a unique combination of traits and attributes, some NFTs are far more scarce than others. Scarcity can play a fundamental role in determining the value of an NFT – the more scarce the combination of traits are, the more desirable the NFT will often be to interested buyers. Kraken NFT’s rarity rankings offer an easy way  to understand what makes each NFT unique and how to evaluate it against others in the collection. Interested in learning more about rarity rankings? Check out our Kraken Learn Center article What is an NFT rarity ranking?

Bid your way with cash or 200+ cryptocurrencies

Who said buying and selling NFTs needs to be more complicated than any other transaction on the internet? Regardless of what currency the seller chose while listing the NFT, buyers can place a bid on the NFT using any of the cash or cryptocurrencies Kraken supports in their region. This includes popular cryptocurrency options such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), Dogecoin (DOGE) and more. Build the collection you want, using the currencies you want, with Kraken NFT.

Collect NFTs across multiple blockchains

Whether you’re just joining the excitement or already have an envy-inducing collection of the hottest projects, Kraken NFT makes it easy to explore, collect and trade the most popular collections across the biggest blockchain networks — with a single wallet. There’s no need to juggle multiple blockchain-specific wallets on Kraken.

Experience the fully integrated crypto platform

Everyone’s journey into crypto is different — but everyone needs a partner on that journey. Kraken’s full suite of crypto products — from our intuitive mobile apps that make buying your first $10 of crypto a breeze, to our fully customizable trading interface — are your partners on that journey. We are thrilled to integrate our NFT marketplace into the complete Kraken experience and provide the best way to reach the most exciting parts of the crypto economy. 

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Need assistance?

We’ve got you fam! You can contact Kraken Support for 24/7 assistance.

Follow our Kraken NFT Twitter!

That’s right, we launched a new Twitter account for all things NFTs! Follow us on Twitter at @KrakenNFT to be the first to know about all of the exciting things happening on Kraken NFT.

Will Kraken make more NFTs available?

Yes! But our policy is to never reveal any details until shortly before launch — not even which NFTs we are considering. All of the NFTs available on Kraken are listed on our website, and all future NFTs will be announced on Kraken NFT’s Twitter and here on the NFT section of the Kraken blog. Our client engagement specialists cannot answer any questions about which assets we may be making available in the future. 

Trade with caution

Specific asset availability and liquidity are not guaranteed. When Kraken makes an NFT collection available for trading, it’s not a recommendation to buy, sell, or participate in the associated collection. Do your own research and invest at your own risk.

*Gas fees will be incurred when transferring NFTs and other cryptoassets on and off the Kraken platform.