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Secure All Your Things: Introducing Canisecure.com

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Sure, we know that most of the devices, accounts and software in our tech-driven lives need to be secured. Even so, it can be difficult to find actionable tips, tricks and advice.

If you’re looking for an easier way to optimize the services you use for privacy and security, we’ve got good news. Kraken Security Labs, our seasoned team of security experts, has launched a new website canisecure.com.

A one-stop resource with comprehensive coverage of security topics, Canisecure.com can help you easily find and adjust important controls hidden deep in the menu systems of the most popular tech products. It can also help you find new tools that enhance your security, helping with essentials like managing passwords that are easy to get wrong without the right advice. 

Our new website will help teach you how to:

Secure Your Accounts:

Enhance Your Personal Security

Here’s a sample from the guide to securing your Facebook account:

If you have your own security tips or requests for new topics, you can contribute here

The project is inspired by caniuse.com and caniemail.com and, like those projects, is designed to continuously improve with community contributions.

Learn more about Kraken’s commitment to security