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Kraken Commits $300k to the University of Wyoming

Kraken is excited to announce we have officially partnered with the University of Wyoming to launch a multi-year education effort designed to prepare the next generation for a digital asset-powered economy.

This program marks Kraken’s largest ever commitment to furthering the study of Bitcoin and digital asset technologies, and represents a deepening of our presence in Wyoming following the 2020 launch of Kraken Bank, a regulated Wyoming-based financial services firm.

“On our 10th anniversary, we’re setting sights on the future by investing in expanding access to quality education on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency,” said Jesse Powell, CEO at Kraken. “We hope the program will capture imaginations and contribute to a better financial future for Wyoming and for the world.”

Over the next three years, Kraken is committing up to $300,000 towards the University of Wyoming’s efforts to promote a pathway for students who wish to pursue a career in crypto, one of the world’s fastest growing industries. 

Kraken will offer scholarship support to PhD students at the University of Wyoming, collaborate with university educators to offer free learning opportunities for K-12 students and develop paid professional development opportunities for K-12 teachers.

“This gift from Kraken enables us to recruit and retain a high-caliber researcher who will work in an interdisciplinary space with other researchers from both the Wyoming Advanced Blockchain Laboratory as well as the Cybersecurity Education And Research Center,” said University of Wyoming’s Assistant Professor of Computer Science Dr. Mike Borowczak.

It is Kraken’s goal to donate more than $1 million in 2021 to support developers of open-source cryptocurrencies and related technologies, and to promote broader crypto education initiatives. 

Our partnership with the University of Wyoming is enacted through Kraken’s grant program, which is part of our ongoing efforts to empower blockchain developers, open-source projects and technological innovations in the digital asset industry. 

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