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Watch: Kraken’s Guide to Security Basics

The Crypto Security Guide is a new video series designed to teach you security best practices, hosted by our top internal expert Nick Percoco.  

What are some essential ways to improve your online security? 

In the latest edition of our Crypto Security Guide, our Chief Security Officer Nick Percoco explains why protecting certain central points of access is paramount.

“It’s important to know that your personal email account is typically the central hub of everything you do online… If you don’t protect that account and it gets compromised, the attackers then, in turn, will have access to all the various things you have connected to it. So, securing your email is one of the most important things you can do.”  

Watch the video on email security (above) to learn how to lock down your email and avoid common email scams like phishing.  

Your Home Network

Maintaining and protecting your home network is another security must since so many other data access points are connected to it.

“You need to secure that network, and ensure that somebody is not able to gain access to that network, because if they do, they can gain access to everything else you’re doing. They can get access to your computer, they can see the traffic you’re sending across that network, they can do lots of things.”

In the video above, Nick explains how to secure your network and how some types of devices on your network can compromise its integrity. 


The last video covers another hugely important topic: password security. 

By watching, you will learn:

  • How to make a strong password and get an A+ on our password quiz
  • How two-factor authentication works with a password to greatly enhance security
  • Why you should never reuse passwords.