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Watch: Kraken’s Video Guide to Browser Security

The Crypto Security Guide is a new video series designed to teach you security best practices, hosted by our top internal expert Nick Percoco.  

Browsers are one of the most widely used pieces of software on the planet. In fact, chances are you’re reading this article on a browser right now!

That’s great for most users, as browsers make navigating the web easy. But be warned, this is why they’ve become so attractive to hackers out for easy cryptocurrency gains. 

In the latest edition of our Crypto Security Guide, Kraken‘s Chief Security Officer Nick Percoco explains why securing your browser is an essential part of strong crypto security. 

“Knowing that the population on the planet is doing most of their activity in a browser, there’s a really high degree of focus by criminals to find vulnerabilities in those browsers, because if they do, there’s a very wide variety of things that they could possibly obtain access to.”

Watch the video above to learn the basics of browser security, including how to practice good cyber hygiene and how browser extensions work.


In the next video, Nick explains what HTTP and HTTPS stand for, the difference between the two protocols and why HTTPS is much more secure. 

As Nick notes, not every HTTPS site can be trusted.

Captcha Explained

Tired of clicking on endless pictures of buses? Your wallet might thank you for it. 

Sure, we may all find Captchas annoying from time to time, but Nick explains how Captchas protect you and the sites you visit.

Ad Blockers

You may use an ad blocker just so you don’t have to look at ads, but as Nick explains, an ad blocker can also help protect you and maintain your privacy.

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