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Watch: Kraken’s Video Guide to Encrypted Communication

The Crypto Security Guide is a new video series designed to teach you security best practices, hosted by our top internal expert Nick Percoco.  

Sure, you may know privacy is essential for online communication. Even so, changing your habits isn’t always easy or top of mind. 

That’s why the latest edition of our Crypto Security Guide is dedicated to exploring encryption, as well as the advanced features Kraken offers that help clients leverage it to protect their data.

In our new videos, Kraken‘s Chief Security Officer Nick Percoco explains how encryption can help guard your sensitive information – and crypto funds – from theft and misuse.

As Nick explains: 

“What that means is that between Kraken and the email client, that transmission and that email [are] encrypted. It can’t be read or intercepted by an email provider.” 

End-to-End Encryption

In the first video, Nick gives an overview of how “end-to-end” encryption works so that your messages can be encrypted at every stage between you and the recipient. 

That’s right, not even the servers the message passes through can access the information. 

Nick also explains how you can add end-to-end encryption to your Kraken account, and what makes the feature so valuable for clients. 

PGP Encryption

In our second video, Nick explains the basics of PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), a commonly used method to encrypt emails. 

If you’ve found PGP daunting or difficult to understand before, Nick breaks it down in simple terms that can help you feel more empowered to take the next step in protecting your digital life. 

Learning More 

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