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【注意喚起】Krakenを不正に名乗る不審な勧誘等について/【Attention】Suspicious Solicitation that Fraudulently claiming to be Kraken

(English follows below)





  • Krakenから公式に取扱いの案内がされていないコイン(暗号資産を含みますがこれに限りません。以下同)について、取扱いが開始されたとの虚偽の情報を流す行為
  • Krakenを名乗り(当社のロゴを不正に使用し)又はKrakenからのメッセージであるかのように見せかけ、特定のコインやそのプロジェクトについて紹介し、購入を勧める行為
  • 特定のコインに関し、当社が連絡手段として活用していないメッセージアプリ(LINE等)を介してご案内する行為
  • 特定のコインの取引のため、Krakenで口座開設が必要と説明し、特定のアドレスに暗号資産を移転(送金)するようお客様に対して要求する行為


There have been cases in which a person/entity fraudulently identifies himself/herself as Kraken Japan and its group companies (hereinafter referred to as “Kraken”) and requests payment of crypto assets to a designated crypto asset address.

When transfering crypto assets to an external crypto address, please make sure that the following [Suspicious Solicitation Cases] do not apply. Please note that once crypto assets have been sent, they cannot be recovered.

If you have even the slightest suspicion, please take careful measures, including suspension of the transaction.

【Suspicious Solicitation Cases】

  • Distributing false information that Kraken has listed a coin (included but not limited to crypto assets. The same shall apply hereafter.) that has not been officially announced by Kraken.
  • Introducing specific coins or projects in the name of Kraken (by misusing our logo) or by making it look like a message from Kraken, and soliciting purchases of those coins or projects.
  • Providing information regarding a specific coin via a messaging application (such as LINE) that is not used by Kraken as a means of communication.
  • Explaining that a Kraken account is needed to trade specific coins and requesting a transfer of a crypto asset to a designated address