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How You Can Help Kraken Fund Open-Source Ethereum Developers

Kraken recently announced it will match up to $150,000 in donations to open-source Ethereum developers as the lead sponsor of the latest Gitcoin funding drive.

This means that from now until December 17, you can join the Gitcoin community and donate cryptocurrency to the teams and projects seeking funding on its platform.

Whenever a project’s goals are met, these contributions will be matched by Kraken using Gitcoin’s signature quadratic funding feature – a process by which funds are programmatically allocated using smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain itself!

Of course, since the funding is being distributed on the blockchain, you’ll need cryptocurrency to participate. You can make donations to the projects using DAI, a stablecoin available on Kraken. However, ETH, LINK and many other Kraken-listed cryptocurrencies are accepted as well. 

If you would like to contribute in this funding round, first purchase cryptocurrency through Kraken and connect one of the following wallets to GitCoin after setting up your account.

Crypto Wallets Compatible With Gitcoin

From there, you’ll want to navigate to the GitCoin website and head over to its “Infra Tech” page where you’ll see posts for dozens of great Ethereum projects seeking funding. (We’re only funding projects and builders working on essential infrastructure.)

You can click on each project to see what their ambition is, what their funding goals are, who is a member of the team and even read real-time feedback from other donors. 

If you’d like to give, simply add the project to your cart and select which token you’d like to donate (and how much you wish to contribute).

Just some of the project in Gitcoin's infra tech page

After you make your donation to one of the projects, the system will analyze how much and how many members of the community are contributing to the project, and the Kraken grant will match an amount proportional to the community’s response.

Remember, by contributing you’re helping further Kraken’s mission of funding great open-source blockchain projects and developers. For more information about our grant program and how to apply, you can bookmark Kraken’s official grant page