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Kraken celebrates excellence in cybersecurity with a new accreditation

World-class security and protection for our clients have been at the heart of Kraken’s mission since our inception 11 years ago. With the motto security above everything, Kraken has earned trust among crypto investors with one uncompromising priority: the safeguarding of client funds.

Eleven years on, we’re proud to announce that our over-the-counter (OTC) and spot exchange has obtained the ISO 27001 certification, a global cybersecurity standard that demonstrates our continued commitment to our clients’ information security on our platform.

What is an ISO 27001 certification?

ISO 27001 is an international standard for security programs that signifies the maturity of an organization’s security program. The standard’s rigorous testing procedures require organizations to provide evidence of security controls across fourteen domains.

“This recognition has been years in the making and marks a major milestone in our journey as a leading crypto exchange. Kraken’s co-founders have always prioritized security — it forms the very foundation on which this exchange is built,” said Nick Percoco, Kraken’s Chief Security Officer.  “We’ve spent over a decade meticulously building dedicated security teams, navigating the unique threat landscape and developing formal processes, policies and procedures to employ a consistent and measured approach to security. We believe this makes up a crucial component in our efforts to accelerate crypto adoption globally.”

What does this mean for Kraken’s clients?

This achievement is a testament to our continued commitment to the security of our clients and demonstrates years of hard work developing a world-class security program across the products and services we provide.

This recognition from SGS, a testing, inspection and certification company, is a formal acknowledgement that we’ve implemented a globally recognized framework and have maintained outstanding security at our OTC and spot exchange.

Sailing the high seas with Kraken

The achievement of ISO 27001 represents our dedication to our mission; accelerating the adoption of cryptocurrency globally. Our clients can rest easy knowing that we’ll continue to prioritize the safeguarding of their funds with our tried and tested security infrastructure. 

While ISO 27001 signifies the maturity of our security program, the road doesn’t end here. To maintain this certification, we’re required to partake in a surveillance audit each year, and a full audit every three years. As a leading exchange in an ever-evolving industry, we’re also committed to continually investing in our world-class security infrastructure and a leading security program for our clients. 

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