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Kraken rebranding – do you like it?

kraken site redesign

You know Kraken. We have a genuine passion for crypto and we’re not afraid to speak our mind or have a unique point of view – even if it gets us into trouble sometimes 😉 We don’t blindly conform, even when it’s popular or safe to do so. Like crypto, we’re not afraid to be different.

Our branding should strongly reflect our values and personality.

We reveal today (to our more than 4,000,000 clients across nearly 200 countries) new branding, including a website redesign.

Your Guide to Experiencing the New Look of Kraken

We are Kraken. Don’t worry – we’re not changing our name. Kraken is two syllables, fun to say, memorable, resonates with you emotionally, conjures strong mental imagery, doesn’t restrict our future offerings (e.g., no “bit”, “coin”, “block”, “chain”, “crypto”, etc.), contains an inherent sense of suspense and excitement, and plays on trading themes like liquidity, depth, dark pools, etc.

kraken purple logo

Kraken stands out in a sea of boring blue. A lot of companies, especially tech and financial services, like to use the color blue. It’s a safe and popular color, as well as associated with trust, honesty and dependability. The problem is that too many companies and brands use this color. As a result, blue then may as well be a boring beige. Bye-bye blue! Today we welcome a bolder color that is more unique, better represents our personality and is guaranteed to grab your attention. This new main color evokes feelings of richness and prestige, which is fitting considering Kraken has handled over $140,000,000,000 in trades and is one of the oldest and most respected crypto exchanges.

A colorful industry deserves a colorful palette. Something we really like about the crypto industry is its people. There’s something about this space that attracts the outspoken, devoted, opinionated, and eccentric. Our clients and team members are no different – they are the most bright, colorful and interesting minds. In addition to the bold crypto community, the industry itself is constantly evolving – it is alive, vibrant, fresh, and impactful. We have chosen to drape Kraken in a deliciously fitting and bold color scheme.

Crypto is a rabbit hole, and we are all Alice. Since learning about and experiencing crypto you may feel that you’ve been living a much more exhilarating, suspenseful, dramatic, and purposeful life. I guess that’s what happens when you join a global revolution. Crypto is a grand adventure that keeps you on the edge of your seat. It beckons the creative, rebellious and determined dreamers to rise and take action. This provocative spirit of crypto is brought to life in our new, adventure-themed illustrations. As you move around our site, allow your eyes to linger and get lost in the beautiful and quirky illustrations.

Are you ready for us, consumer market? Since 2013, we’ve been one of the most popular places to buy, sell, or trade crypto. A popular segment for us has always been pro traders who wield our advanced trading features and charts to turn profits. Our plan has been and will be to always keep our traders top of mind while expanding our appeal to all other segments and markets. In particular, we have known that our brand, personality and company mission have great potential in resonating with the consumer market. We haven’t been shy about stating our purpose. Kraken is here to pave the way for mass adoption of crypto and digital assets so that everyone can have financial freedom and inclusion. You will see our tone of voice, look and feel, products, UX, and interactions become more approachable, streamlined, easy-to-consume, and more cool and fun. Crypto is really freakin’ cool after all. It’s about time that the world knows this, too 🙂

Kraken will continue to evolve. Expect more improvements made and illustrations added to the website, as well as advancements in trading interfaces and products, like https://trade.kraken.com

Now you’re prepared for your crypto journey. Go to Kraken and get pulled into the intoxicating adventure that awaits you: https://www.kraken.com/