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Teach Our Children to Save (Bitcoin): A Free Kraken Webinar w/ Pierre Rochard – April 24th @ 19:00 UTC

We all want our children to become responsible savers. The best way is to teach them good habits and about good money. 

This April 24 is “National Teach Our Children to Save Day,” and in recognition, our Lead Bitcoin Strategist Pierre Rochard will host a special webinar designed to help parents and children start a productive dialogue about money, cryptocurrencies, and the importance of saving.

This friendly and engaging 15-minute presentation will introduce concepts related to money and financial responsibility, while encouraging kids to help out at home and in their community.

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What Will the Webinar Cover? 

The basics of good financial habits, including:

  • Deferring instant gratification for long-term security
  • Entrepreneurship and earning money
  • Spending responsibly 
  • The importance of charity, giving, and helping others

Lessons about money and Bitcoin, such as:

  • How preferences change based on short or long-term perspectives
  • The importance of an equal-opportunity financial system
  • Whether you should trust others with your money
  • Why money has value
Who Should Attend?

Parents of children between the ages of 5-12 and their children.

Will My Children and I Be Able to Ask Questions?

Yes! Questions will be handled live by Pierre in accordance with our User Content Guidelines.

Alternatively, if you have any topics or questions that you would like answered during the session, you may send your question via email to [email protected].

Is There Anything I Can Do To Help My Children and I Prepare?

Yes! We highly recommend that you watch this short Audio Book – Bitcoin Money: A Tale of Bitville Discovering Good Money.

If you are feeling adventurous, also check out our Introducing Crypto 101 Series – featuring Kraken CEO Jesse Powell. We look forward to seeing you on April 24th @ 19:00 UTC!

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The Kraken Team

This webinar has been developed and is being produced solely as an educational tool compiled to support current and potential Kraken clients. Purchasing and trading in cryptocurrency is a decision that should only be made in consideration of individual facts and circumstances and after consultation with one’s own financial (investment and accounting), legal and tax advisors. This webinar is not intended to provide nor should it be construed to provide investment, accounting, tax or legal advice or serve as a solicitation for the purchase, sale or holding of any cryptocurrency or the adoption of any particular trading strategy.

All investing is risky, and no investor should decide to commit funds without first consulting with a competent professional adviser. Some or all invested funds can be lost. The past performance of any investment, investment strategy or investment style is not indicative of future performance. Future results may vary, and are not guaranteed. The value of investments and their income may increase or decrease, and a loss of principal – including all principal – may occur.