Introducing Crypto 101

Nodes, blockchains, miners… takers, makers, alt-coin fakers… In crypto, you either know what’s up, or you’re a no-coiner.

Not sure what a no-coiner is? Then this series is for you.

Staying true to our mission to bring crypto to everyone, Kraken CEO Jesse Powell explains it all in our new video series: Crypto 101. Level up from noob to hodlr in no time as Jesse answers the 101 most searched questions in crypto. 

By watching, you will finally understand:

  • Who invented Bitcoin (and do they work at Kraken…?)
  • The difference between bitcoin and blockchain
  • Why cryptocurrencies were invented 
  • Why there are so many 
  • Their key use cases
  • How to rock a sweatsuit correctly

The intro video above is just a taste of what’s to come. Every few days we will be dropping new crypto truth-bombs, so be sure to follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest Crypto 101.