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Trade Volume Doubles Previous Record – for the 3rd Time in 13 Months!


Over 37,600 bitcoins traded on Kraken today, marking a new all time daily high. The new high more than doubles the previous high from August 24th, 2015, when a volume of about 17,400 coins was reached. This is the third time that a new volume record has doubled the previous one in the past 13 months:

  • Nov 3rd, 2015: 37,600 (vs previous 17,400)
  • Jan 13th, 2015: 12,200 (vs previous 6,400)
  • Oct 4th, 2015: 6,400 (vs previous 3,000)

This is only for our highest volume bitcoin-euro pair and doesn’t reflect the growth we’ve seen in other currency pairs. Kraken continues to grow rapidly on many fronts!