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Welcome Howard Bernstein as Kraken CCO


Kraken takes a proactive approach to compliance, in order to anticipate the evolving regulation around Bitcoin and to help ensure it is regulated in a way that protects consumers while allowing the game-changing Bitcoin ecosystem to flourish.

Today we’re pleased to announce a great new addition to the team, who will help us advance our proactive approach. Howard Bernstein is assuming the role of Chief Compliance Officer at Kraken.

Howard brings 20 years of experience in compliance solutions for investment banks and trading firms. Prior to Kraken, Howard was the Chief Compliance Officer at Merriman Capital, Inc., a publicly-held investment bank, where he designed and implemented a completely new compliance program to meet SEC and FINRA requirements. He also served as the Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Officer, drafting and implementing the firm’s current AML program. 

With his breadth of experience, Howard is the ideal person to oversee compliance at Kraken. He will manage day-to-day compliance operations, engage regulatory officials and lawmakers on Bitcoin policy, and help us anticipate and prepare for future regulatory changes. Regulation has focused on Bitcoin payments, yet we also have to consider how Bitcoin may ultimately be regulated as a tradeable asset at exchanges. Howard has just the right background to help us do that.

“I’m very excited to be entering the Bitcoin space at this crucial moment of regulatory development,” Howard said. “I’m looking forward to joining CEO Jesse Powell and the rest of the Kraken team in their ongoing effort to provide clients with an exceptional exchange experience.”