Kraken Releases ‘VIRES IN NUMERIS,’ A Concise Primer on Bitcoin

Kraken Intelligence, our in-house research team, has released a new note entitled “VIRES IN NUMERIS,” a brief yet comprehensive overview of Bitcoin.

The second in a planned series of asset reviews designed to help beginner traders master the basics of major cryptocurrencies, it follows our January note on Ethereum.

At just 12 pages, “VIRES IN NUMERIS” explains Bitcoin’s technology, history and growth, covering topics essential to understanding Bitcoin, including its:

  • Adoption and Use: Explore how Bitcoin has grown since 2009 by metrics including transaction volume, the number of full nodes and wallets, and mining hashrate.
  • Origins and History: Learn how Bitcoin grew out of the “cypherpunk” movement and get to know the projects that laid the groundwork for its innovations. We include a timeline of Bitcoin’s major events, from the white paper through to the upcoming halving.
  • Protocol and Technology: Review the four major components of Bitcoin’s protocol – the blockchain, network nodes, miners, and proof-of-work consensus. We’ll also break down new upgrades like SegWit and the Lightning Network.

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The Kraken Team