Bitcoin’s Intrinsic Value: A Free Kraken Webinar w/ Pierre Rochard & Kraken Intelligence – October 8 @ 14:00 UTC

Sure, Bitcoin has a price, but what makes it valuable

Kraken Intelligence, our team of expert analysts, have given their take in a new report released last week entitled “Bitcoin & Intrinsic Value.” At 20-plus pages, it’s our most detailed breakdown to date of all the ways investors have tried to value this innovative asset. 

Yet, even this effort can’t contain all there is to say about this fundamental Bitcoin subject.

That’s why this Thursday, October 8 at 14:00 UTC (10:00 EDT), our Lead Bitcoin Strategist Pierre Rochard will host a special conversation to discuss actionable insights from our latest research, with guests including report authors Pete Humiston and Thomas Perfumo.

In an open Q&A session, attendees will be able to engage our experts with their own thoughts and questions about Bitcoin’s value, adding to a broad conversation about how investors and traders can apply these insights in the market. 

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What Will the Session Cover?

  • How traditional investment theses apply to Bitcoin investing
  • The basics of Bitcoin and its uses as a monetary asset 
  • The many ways Bitcoin can be valued
  • Why Bitcoin’s unique properties give it value. 

Who Should Attend?

Anyone interested in understanding how traditional investment perspectives can be used to value Bitcoin and why they might not fully account for all its essential qualities. 

Continuing Education 

Not able to make the webinar? Be sure to download our free “Bitcoin & Intrinsic Value” report. It’s free!

Want a deeper dive into the world of cryptocurrency? Our Kraken Learn Center can help. With over 100 guides on the market’s most popular crypto assets, it provides the tools investors can use to build their understanding of this complex and cutting-edge market.

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About Pierre Rochard

Pierre Rochard is Kraken’s Bitcoin strategist at the forefront of exploring Bitcoin’s potential as a monetary system. You can find him on Twitter @pierre_rochard.

About Thomas Perfumo 

Thomas Perfumo is Director of Strategy at Kraken where he oversees our daily and monthly Kraken Intelligence publications, delivered early to all VIP subscribers. You can find him on Twitter @TheMarginMan.

About Pete Humiston

Pete Humiston is a research analyst on the Kraken Intelligence team where he produces VIP-exclusive research content for Kraken’s largest clients, as well as research for the broader crypto industry. You can find him on Twitter @1337_Pete.