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Share the gift of crypto this holiday season with Kraken’s Referral Program

The holiday season always comes around this time of year. But, a gift like Bitcoin only comes around once a lifetime.

This holiday season, earn a reward each time you share the gift of financial freedom with your friends. Kraken Referral Program allows you and up to 10 of your friends to both earn a $10 USD referral bonus each time you share the gift of crypto. 

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Here’s how it works

Steps to send Kraken referrals program link

  1. Sign in or create your account using the Kraken App
  2. Get your referral link by navigating to the app settings and finding your referral card
  3. Invite your friends by sharing the link. Once they create an account and buy or sell $100 worth of crypto in the next 30 days, you each get a bonus of $10 in bitcoin

Just like that, you’ve started your friends’ journeys to financial independence (terms, conditions and geographic restrictions apply).

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The gift that keeps on giving

You may also be interested in building your crypto portfolio with recurring buys, so you can continue accumulating the gift of crypto on a regular basis. 

Whether you want to spend $50 on BTC every day or receive 0.5 ETH every month, Kraken makes it easy to automate your crypto purchases and build your portfolio over time.

If you are new to recurring buys and the dollar-cost averaging (DCA) investment strategy, the Kraken Learn Center has you covered! Check out our beginner’s guide, What is Dollar-Cost Averaging?, and automate your crypto investing strategy.

Crypto makes a great last minute stocking stuffer. Spread the holiday cheer by starting your friends’ journey to financial freedom — give the gift of crypto with Kraken this holiday season.

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